Braille Hymnal

Great Hymns of the Faith (An Abridged Braille Hymnal)

The Great Hymns of the Faith is a collection of 92 of the most popular hymns ever written and sung. This book for the blind is offered in Standard Grade 2, Uncontracted Grade 1, or Unified English Braille.

International Christian Braille Mission, Inc.

IBCM produces the lyrics of the hymnal Great Songs of the Church in braille for use by the deaf and blind.

LifeWay - Large Print Hymnal

LifeWay is selling large print hymnals. Please put the word hymnals in the search engine.


Blind Southern Baptist helps produce braille, large-print hymnal editions

By Charles Willis

Church gets creative when Braille hymnal is called for, launches team of volunteers to meet need

By Jim White

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